We take pride in our team as each member brings a deep understanding of the sector based on their own experience. The team includes consultants with deep experience,: including over 8 years Corporate Finance background, over 15 years experience in brokerage, 16 years in asset management, and over 20 years experience in Executive Search in Asia – IB space

Recolo succeeds for you on the back of a strong professional network as well as a sound appreciation of the corporate cultures, risk aversion, initiative levels of the target companies for your assignments. We then take that knowledge and assess the Candidates ability to engage and succeed in your work environment.

At Recolo we provide you with a safe pair of hands to manage your market research and candidate development as well as highly perceptive assessments of our Candidates.

We are very mindful of your ROI – Return on Induction. Each hire by any organization needs to be assessed in terms of the time to come up to speed, performance, compensation cost and length of service of the new member of staff. When we at Recolo assess Candidates to be presented to your business, this is how we evaluate their value to you and your organization.