Recolo fully customizes their staffing solutions to each particular need of a client. Investing to provide an array of staffing services. Recolo supplies quality human capital solutions.

Retained Services

Recolo’s retained services are offered only when an exclusive relationship with clients has been established. Once engagement has been developed the respectful departmental head will use all resources necessary to complete the task once mandate has been accepted.

The client will be provided with detailed search inclusive of discovery process of job specifications, identification of key skill sets/areas of expertise, target industries and company lists. Overall, retained services expand our clients hiring pool, potential to secure valuable human capital and allowing them to become market leaders.

Contingency Search

Recolo’s contingency services are customised from company to company to ensure the right results are reached. Once the right candidate is identified and interview, most cases client engages that person into an offer negotiation process. In a fierce market of strong professional’s candidates today now look for the best opportunity just as clients cherry pick their potentials.

At Recolo our professionals will ensure that the negotiation process is at the best vantage point from representing the client and candidate appropriately. Ensuring that both parties do not misunderstand or undervalue opportunity to hand. This is a strategic process which will have direct impact to the hiring process. Contingency search is delivered only after the right candidate has been hired.

Contract and Staffing Services

Recolo understands that sometimes labour force can impose quite a burden on the company operations and the HR department. At Recolo we can help. Our Contract and Staffing Services will provide our clients with reduced operational costs, minimal payroll maintenance and increased revenue per employee.

Overall, less administration responsibilities and elimination of high attrition rates, provides our clients a comprehensive HR support without bearing the cost and responsibility of running a comprehensive HR department.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recolo’s RPO is custom-made to our clients’ specific criteria, hence providing full internal recruitment services for a portion or all of its jobs requirements. Recolo’s RPO has successfully managed the entire recruiting/hiring process from candidate identification through training, including staff, corporate technologies and job duties.

In the end, Recolo’s RPO has successfully improved many companies’ resources and time, overall increasing the company’s worth and reducing its costs.