Vision - What do we want to achieve with and for you

To be a leading name in talent acquisition throughout Asia, providing Clients with the capabilities, skills and competencies needed to achieve their business goals.

Mission - Deliverables

Through careful market mapping, candidate research and by engaging staff with deep market knowledge be able to provide our Clients with a clear view of their potential talent market and to provide best fit talent acquisition solutions to deliver the right caliber of Candidates with speed and precision.

Values - Foundation Competencies

Many of our senior consultants have been hiring manages themselves, and so armed with that knowledge, we are able to empathize with our Clients: who we feel would say “we want to be able to rely on our suppliers to be working hard on our assignment, to keep us updated and also project our company in the best light to attract great talent”.

Discretion is the better part of valor: we see our business as being the ability to network with professionals throughout the market, and without discretion there is no trust, and so no business. Our discretion is our business advantage.

Managing expectations of both our Clients and our Candidates is a cornerstone for Recolo: we believe that the more honest we are about opportunities and candidates strengths so a far better hiring solution is obtained: a hire which is both resilient and high performing.

We like to win, and a win for Recolo is where our Client has filled their talent needs. So we keep searching until the role is closed – sometimes that can be quite a long time. If you still need the person then we will keep searching.

We search inside the box and then outside the box. People are complex, so we seek to develop the best propositions to put to our Candidates so that they can better engage with your business vision, and convert that into an active interest in your company.

Recolo is able to draw on the professional backgrounds of our consultants to ensure that our dealings with Candidates and Clients alike are competent: as true professionals, we are continually striving to raise our abilities.